Styles Of Vintage Patio Rocking Chairs

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Patio Rocking Chairs Wood

Vintage patio rocking chairs can be a stylish addition to any room in the house. As reported by the website, most of the old rockers, in contrast to modern, are characterized by very large seats and armrests, and often painted or engraved designs. Some of the most popular styles include Windsor rocking chairs, Boston, Shaker. According to the website information, the Windsor style patio rocking chairs began to appear on the market in the early eighteenth century in the city of Windsor, England, and surroundings. These rocking chairs, which were used as chairs for the garden or patio.

The Boston rockers are a variation of the Windsor style. According, these chairs began to be built in New England in the mid nineteenth century. The Boston rockers are characterized by high backs, with long spindles, and seats that curve upward at the back and down the front

.The Shakers were a religious group that came to North America from Britain during the Revolutionary War. According to the web site, furniture style Shakers were known for their symmetrical, functional and simple, and these features are also present in the patio rocking chairs of this style, which feature simple.

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