Installing A Stamped Concrete Patio Over An Existing Patio

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Stamped Concrete Patio Cool Image

Stamped concrete patio, When it’s time to update your garden or landscape, consider putting a stamped concrete patio over your existing patio if the surface is in good condition. Cleaning and diligent preparation will produce a beautiful courtyard new durable surface. Use the following guidelines for installing a stamped concrete patio. First step is please measure the slab supplies and order. You have to take the steps of the slab and concrete enough mixed order, color hardener, stamp mats, release and color agent to establish a depth of 1 inch stamped concrete on top of your patio in your chosen pattern.

Then, the second step of stamped concrete patio is you have to clean and inspect the existing flagstone patio. Sweeping and vacuum the existing slab, and wash it with hot water and degreasing liquid detergent. Dry it with a leaf blower or wait 12 hours to let it air dry. Inspect the entire surface of knees with handheld spotlight to check for cracks or sunken areas. Mark them with chalk on the sidewalk for repairs.

While for the third step is you have to make any necessary repairs on the slab. This step means you must fill cracks even hairline with cement paint. For small holes and depressions to use cement filling applied and smoothed with a spatula. Allow the cement filler material to dry for 6 hours, then sand patch so that it is flush with the surface. Finally, that’s all about stamped concrete patio that I can share today. Thank you very much.

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